Your financial life plan working for you.

When your values and vision for a fulfilling life are the foundation of your financial plan, and you decide on the strategies that work for you, you’re living the dream – life aligned®

Secure your future then reach for the stars

Grow Your Wealth

Picture doing exactly what you feel most passionate about. Sailing across the South Pacific. Running your own business. Writing your book. Retiring on your own terms, because your finances have been organized to make it happen.

Protect your family

A new family home, your children free to choose any college they desire and financial security for your spouse. There are significant milestones to be celebrated as priorities change over a lifetime.

Reduce your stress

Sit back, relax, and focus on what brings you joy. When your financial life plan is in place you can rest assured that you will be prepared to handle whatever life sends your way.



All planning services stem from the most important part of your plan – your values and vision for a fulfilling life.


Asset planning and management connect your life vision, goals and values, inspiring you to stay focused and on course as you build and maintain your wealth. 


Your clarity about how you want your life to unfold enables you to manage your spending on a daily basis –  in line with your priorities. 


For many people income taxes represent your largest single expenditure, so income tax planning plays an important role in helping you achieve your financial objectives.


Creating a legacy through your estate requires thoughtful planning. Even small things done in strategic ways can have major impact. 


Insurance is one of the most powerful financial planning tools available. It is also one of the least understood in terms of its potential.


We are able to provide a wide variety of investment choices including GICs, segregated/insured funds. Also mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, and bonds, and a broad range of alternative investments and strategies through Fraser & Partners Investment Services.

Retirement/Fulfillment PLANNING

Providing for your income after you leave your career or fulfilling one of your dreams is where the full integration of our Life Aligned® planning is realized. Your vision, values, desires, and life circumstances combine with individualized financial planning for cash management, investment planning, risk coverage, tax planning, plus family and medical expenses that all contribute to your enjoyment of life.

Designing your plan together

Establish your values & Vision

Your values and priorities are the foundation of your life plan. When you are clear about what is most important to you, i.e. what makes your life meaningful, you are inspired and energized to take the actions that move you toward your life vision.

Review your current financial picture

Compiling your financial data creates a clear understanding of your financial picture. This enables you to make informed decisions based on actual facts and figures.


Using “what if” scenarios you develop with your planner, you will be able to test the financial impact of different decisions. It’s your life, we’re not going to tell you how you should live it. You select the outcomes that are right for you.

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