Integrated Services

We are available to assist you with a range of financial decisions throughout the year, whether it be deciding when you can afford to retire, if you should renegotiate your mortgage, if you need additional medical coverage, what insurance you need for your business, or how you can distribute your assets in the most tax efficient manner.

Cash Management

On a daily basis you are interacting with your money while you make regular financial transactions.  This is where you have the most opportunity to accelerate your overall plans, yet is most often taken for granted.  Banking, credit card use and other lending services such as mortgages and lines of credit tend to be treated as stand-alone-decisions, when in reality they integrate with every other area of your finances.  Effective cash management strategies will create opportunities and provide the catalyst to connect your vision to your day-to-day reality.

Our integrated planning process will provide you with systems for banking, borrowing, refinancing, and savings to maximize your cash available for short term and long term benefit.  Our strategies for cash management will also enable your day-to-day systems to maximize interest income and tax effectiveness for a plan that is overall Life Aligned®.