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When is the best time to take CPP?

  Without knowing how long we will live, there’s really no right or wrong answer on the best time to start taking Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What worked for your neighbour or your co-worker may not be the best...

Can you spot a scam before it’s too late?

Leading into tax season, you may see a few more calls or important messages from “CRA” (wink, wink). But, getting caught up in a scam is no laughing matter. Can you spot a fraudulent call or email before it’s too late?

When can you expect to receive your tax slips and receipts?

Below are lists of the most common tax slips and receipts we encounter during tax season and time frames that you can expect to receive them. Tax Slips The following chart outlines the filing dates Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires for tax slips to be submitted....