Integrated Services

We are available to assist you with a range of financial decisions throughout the year, whether it be deciding when you can afford to retire, if you should renegotiate your mortgage, if you need additional medical coverage, what insurance you need for your business, or how you can distribute your assets in the most tax efficient manner.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is more than managing your money.  Investment planning and management connect your life vision, goals and values so your money is working for you in a way that builds and maintains your wealth and provides you with peace of mind.   Because we are an independent planning firm, we are able to access the tools and products to create an investment strategy that is uniquely you and that protects and grows your wealth for today and for the future.

For example, some people have businesses that will have future value; others have pensions or real estate that factor into a longer term strategy.  Still others have family assets, or perhaps are just starting an exciting new venture.  All of these life and financial factors require planning and consideration so your investment strategy is flexible, secure, and profitable.

Real estate is often a separate discussion outside of investment planning, yet it forms a significant piece of most people’s financial life.  Our integrated approach includes your current and future real estate assets as a strategic component of your wealth creation.

Also, responsible investment is becoming increasingly important to many people. We pursue investment strategies that allow you to achieve your goals while positively impacting society.

Creativity and structure is paramount in developing an investment plan that truly reflects who you are, while at the same time providing returns and peace of mind that make your vision a reality.