Is your browser outdated?

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Health & Wellness

After sending out our last e-newsletter we received an email from a user who was having difficulty with our calculators. We asked what browser he was using and learned that he was still using Internet Explorer (IE) 6.

IE6 was released over 10 years ago and lacks support for many of the current web standards that can make sites a pleasure to view. Also, IE6 does not benefit from the security and privacy features that are found in more current browsers. For these reasons, we recommend that everyone should update their browser of choice to the most recent version.

Some browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari will update automatically. Starting with IE10 Internet Explorer will also update automatically by default. You can check your settings by opening the “About Internet Explorer” dialogue in IE. If you are using an old version of IE, you will need to manually download the update from Microsoft.

Other than the operating system itself (Windows, Mac OS X, etc), the browser has become one of the most important pieces of software used on computers today. In order to maintain a secure system, you need to keep your operating system, browser, and other software up to date.

Lead paint works, but you don’t see people using it anymore because it isn’t safe. The same applies to your outdated software.

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