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Questions for Consideration


  • Are you paying the least amount of tax possible?
  • Should you save for your retirement or pay down your mortgage?
  • How do you know how much is enough to retire? What happens when you have more than enough?
  • How much will your children need for postsecondary education?
  • How much protection do your group benefits actually provide? Is it sufficient?
  • With rising health costs and dwindling coverage, where will the money come from to help you recover from a critical illness such as a serious heart attack?


  • What is the most tax-effective means to withdraw funds from your business?
  • When does incorporation make sense?
  • Are your personal assets protected from claims of your business’ creditors?
  • What will happen to your business in the event of your death/disability/critical illness or that of your partners/key employee?
  • How will you accumulate sufficient assets to retire?
  • How will you pass your business onto your children?