Planning Process

Working with Fraser & Partners is an interactive process. We believe that financial strategies that truly align with your needs, desires, and values – and have the best probability of success – require a partnership where both parties are engaged, directed toward the same goals, and ready for change along the way.

Each financial decision you make impacts other areas of your life, carrying with it not only present but also future consequences. For this reason, we work with you to develop an integrated analysis of your current situation which is monitored and adjusted to see you through every life change. Based on your goals and assumptions about future events, we project your financial requirements, identify the options available to you, and analyze the current and future impact of those options. This is a dynamic, interactive process that requires a partnership where both parties are engaged and directed toward the same goals – your life vision.

The planning complexities and relationship need to be a good fit – for both you and your advisor.  Before starting the planning process, your advisor will introduce you to our service and together you will assess whether there is a good fit. We have a short questionnaire that you can complete to assist in determining whether life planning is for you.

The F&P Life Aligned® Planning Process

1. Visioning

The first step in the Fraser & Partners Life Aligned® Planning Process is to explore your core life-planning values and possibilities for your life.  We invite you to spend some time exploring your life vision on your own, or with a partner. We have made tools available on this website to help guide the process. Visit the Vision Tool Kit to start building your vision now.

You clarify what is most important to you at your current stage in life, what you expect to have and do, and how you make personal and financial decisions.  When you have direction – provided by your values and life vision, you start discovering planning issues and opportunities.

2. Financial Picture

We work with you to compile your financial data to create a clear understanding of your financial picture. This enables you to make informed decisions based on actual facts and figures. Together we review your financial picture and whether there are any gaps between your current and desired reality.  Understanding your current situation provides the backdrop against which you can develop effective strategies to move you in the direction of your vision.

3. Scenario Building / Strategizing

Based on the preliminary analysis, in conjunction with other F&P team members, your advisor will identify planning issues and opportunities and build several scenarios for you to explore for achieving your goals.  You will be able to test the financial impact of different decisions.

You and your planner meet to explore these scenarios and understand different ways in which you can achieve your life vision.  The outcome of this planning session is to determine the solution that you want to pursue at this time.

4. Decision to Implement

The chosen solution, which may be a combination of one or more scenarios, is recapped and provided to you for final confirmation.


5. Detailed Action Plan for Implementation (DAPI)

All the details, tools and products are combined to bring the strategy to life in an easy to follow document that you may review at any time.


6. Ongoing Collaboration

A schedule of regular contact and reviews with your wealth management team is established to ensure efficient and effective implementation of your financial strategy.


7. Detailed Review and Benchmarking

A meeting is scheduled to review the progress of your strategy and adapt for new developments. Measures of success of the planning relationship are discussed.