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Useful Links

General Information

Canadian Consumer Information

Canada Pension Plan (CPP):    Survivor Benefit    Pension Sharing

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Disability Weblinks

Employment Insurance

Government Forms

Government Services

Health Canada

International & Non-resident Taxes

Old Age Security (OAS)

Ontario Healthcare

Seniors Canada Online

Sickness Benefits Canada

Student Loans


Regulators – Financial Planning

Financial Planning Standards Council


National Self-Regulatory Organizations

Mutual Funds Dealers Association

Registered Deposit Brokers Association

Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA)


Regulators – Securities

Canadian Securities Administrators

Provincial / Territorial Regulators

Alberta – Alberta Securities Commission

British Columbia – British Columbia Securities Commission

Manitoba – Manitoba Securities Commission

New Brunswick – New Brunswick Securities Commission

Ontario – Ontario Securities Commission

Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission



Provincial / Territorial Regulators

Alberta – Alberta Insurance Council

Manitoba – Insurance Council of Manitoba

Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission


Provincial Listing for Pharmacare Programs

British Columbia Pharmacare

Alberta Prescription Drug Program

Saskatchewan Prescription Drug Plans and Health Coverage

Manitoba Pharmacare

Ontario Public Drug Program

New Brunswick Prescription Drug Plan

Prince Edward Island Pharmacare