financial life planning services

Comprehensive Life Aligned Planning

Your Needs

  • You are starting to build your life or have been working on building a family and/or career for a while.
  • You have an eye on retirement but also want to live life to the fullest now.
  • It is important for you to have a financial life plan that is centered around what you care about the most and reflects your values.
  • You want to be an active participant in the achievement of your goals and vision. You are in the driver’s seat, and you want every dollar to count toward your vision of an extraordinary life.
  • You want to be prepared when life sends a curve ball and have peace of mind that you’ve thought through important “what ifs”.

Planning Deliverables

  • A strong decision-making framework to call upon when important life decisions are presented.
  • What you didn’t know before about your finances and the strategies available to you, you will understand by the time you select the strategy that is right for you.
  • A cash flow plan that optimizes your income sources and uses to pay down debt and achieve your savings goals.
  • A clear picture of your overall net worth.
  • Strategies in place to reduce your tax bill, protect your income and assets, and secure the future of your beneficiaries.
  • A strategic asset allocation framework to fit your comfort with risk while achieving investment growth objectives.
  • Measures of success to monitor your progress along the way.
Retirement & Estate Planning

Your Needs

  • You are nearing retirement or have already retired.
  • Retirement is a big life change, and you want a smooth transition into this next phase of your life.
  • Maybe you want to travel, work on a hobby, volunteer, or spend time with grandchildren or other loved ones.
  • You’ve worked hard and want to use your wealth to fund your lifestyle and give back to family, friends, and the community.
  • You want someone in your corner who is looking out for your best interests while you relax and enjoy life!

Planning Deliverables

  • An income stream plan that minimizes your tax bill and maximizes your quality of life.
  • An estate plan that considers all aspects of your wealth and the legacy you want to leave.
  • An asset allocation framework with an emphasis on income generation and capital protection.
Integrated Business & Personal Planning

Your Needs

  • You are a sole proprietor, partner, or own a corporation.
  • You need a plan that integrates your business with your personal life and answers questions such as:
    • Should I incorporate? When?
    • Salary or dividends?
    • Are my personal assets protected?
    • What happens in the event of my passing?
    • How do I exit my business profitably?
  • You need access to other advisors to help navigate the complexities of your business and personal affairs.
  • You are looking for a financial planner who can work with your accountant, lawyer, business coach, and other advisors to integrate all facets of your business and personal affairs into your financial life plan.

Planning Deliverables

  • A clearly defined life vision and personal values that you, or you and your spouse, have agreed on.
  • A personal balance sheet and household cash flow plan.
  • Strategies for minimizing your income tax bill.
  • A thorough risk management plan that protects your income and assets.
  • An estate plan that secures the future of your business and beneficiaries.
  • A strategic investment asset allocation matched with your risk profile and growth objectives.
  • Key performance indicators to monitor the success of your integrated plan.

Ongoing service

  • We continually work behind the scenes keeping on top of economic factors, government, and product changes that affect your plan.
  • We will communicate regularly through digital communications, events, and online content.
  • We will agree on a contact schedule with your planning team that works with your lifestyle and the milestones carved out by your plan.
  • We will be available when you need us to be your coach, sounding board, and strategic partner for making important life decisions and adjusting along the way.


Financial life planning is a complex process that requires highly educated professionals to help you design the right solution for you. We take this seriously. We are not in the business of selling products. We are in the business of building financial life plans that use every ounce of your resources to create what you deem to be an extraordinary life.

You are under no obligation to implement your plan with us. You may choose to work with us for planning only and take the implementation elsewhere. We are independent and not tied to any product incentives or directives. If you choose to implement your plan with us, we will provide you with suitable product options for you to select from.

There are three fee options for you to choose from. All fees are transparent, fully explained, and disclosed in full at the onset of each agreement.