Integrated Services

We are available to assist you with a range of financial decisions throughout the year, whether it be deciding when you can afford to retire, if you should renegotiate your mortgage, if you need additional medical coverage, what insurance you need for your business, or how you can distribute your assets in the most tax efficient manner.

Tax Planning

For many people income taxes represent your largest single expenditure, so income tax planning forms an important role in helping you achieve your financial goals.  With this in mind, we take the perspective that tax planning is more than taking advantage of deductions and credits when your taxes are prepared.  This approach is typically like planning in the rear-view mirror.  Instead, as part of our integrated Life Aligned® process we are able to implement strategies to minimize tax today and in the future.

Because income tax has such a significant impact on your finances, it is already implicit in many areas of financial planning such as tax deductions and deferrals available for RRSP contributions and TFSA investments.  In addition to these foundational tax strategies, we will also routinely weigh the tax advantages of earning dividends versus capital gains in investment planning, and consider such issues as income splitting and the benefits of testamentary trusts in estate planning. Overall, our approach is to take a broader view of your tax planning to consider additional strategies as they relate to your unique circumstances such as:

  • Incorporation
  • Insurance
  • Medical and educational credits
  • Investment deductions and deferrals
  • Donations and gifting
  • Timing of the sale of assets (dispositions of capital property)
  • Transfer of wealth
  • Estate preservation

We partner with accountants, lawyers and other professionals where tax planning requires additional specialized knowledge. Fraser & Partners offers personal income tax preparation services for clients who do not have an existing relationship with a tax professional. This reduces the potential for possible expensive errors caused by tax preparation that is not part of an integrated approach.  It also assists with capturing both smaller, subtle opportunities as well as larger, long term tax benefits.



Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption and Farm Properties