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Fraser & Partners is a financial advisory firm that provides independent life-planning services. The financial strategies we develop with you are not tied to any directive or incentive to promote specific products.

Who We Are

Fraser & Partners is a financial life-planning firm. We are your sounding board, your partner, and a strategic member of the think tank that uncovers possibilities in your life. Our interactive planning tools and processes pull together the personal and financial aspects of your life and enable you to test the impact of important lifestyle decisions. We help you align your financial strategy with your vision of a fulfilling life. We work as a team to stay on top of developments in personal finance as well as the broader socio-economic trends that may impact your life plan.  We assist you to navigate change along the way.

Our firm was established in 1987 as part of a national financial planning franchise.  In 2004 we associated with  FundEX Investments Inc. (FundEX) to provide more flexibility and options for our clients. FundEX is a nationally licensed mutual fund and exempt market dealer for successful independent advisors. Our affiliation with FundEX allows us to utilize their compliance services for a fixed fee.  Because of this “flat-fee” structure, you can be confident that investment strategies which we recommend are not tied to any directive or incentive from our dealer to promote specific products.

We are affiliated with two managing general agencies, including Financial Horizons Group and Hollis Insurance Inc. These agencies provide independent insurance brokers and financial advisors access to the products and services of Canada’s major insurance companies. We primarily work through Financial Horizons Group, a managing general agency which acquired Winnipeg-based Audis Canada in 2012.

We are also registered deposit brokers associated with Financial Investments Western (2005) Ltd. We use their rate shopping services to find competitive rates for registered and non-registered deposits through Canada’s banks, trust companies and credit unions.

To implement your financial strategy, we analyze and access financial products from top financial services companies. Product range includes guaranteed term deposits, government bonds, mutual funds, insurance (life, disability, critical illness, long-term care, travel, health), segregated funds and annuities. We do not provide advice on individual securities, but we do have access to individual stocks and specialty products through referral arrangements in place between FundEX and other legal entities. We set up registered and non-registered investment accounts and have access to online banking services.

This positioning of our firm allows us to offer a financial life-planning service that is truly client-centered.  It reflects our commitment to unbiased advice, greater choice and innovative, forward-thinking practices.

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