When did you last pause to really think about where you see yourself and family in 3, 10 or 20 years? Using this tool kit invest the time now, your future will thank you for it.

Here’s how:

  1. Fill in the values worksheet to identify your top priorities
  2. Open the life visioning worksheet to build your vision
  3. Visit your home, lifestyle, family, career, retirement and global reach sections for information, tools and inspiration
  4. Contact us to meet with your advisor and discuss next steps

Your Career

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Back to School

Adults go back to school for many reasons – from literacy education to professional training and skills. In fact, about one in three adults participates each year in some form of organized learning program.

FINANCIAL TIP: The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) is a government program that permits you to withdraw from your RRSP to fund your education.

Useful Links

Study Canada – CEC Network
University of Manitoba
University of Winnipeg
Red River College
Brandon University
Canada Revenue Agency – Lifelong Learning Plan
Statistics Canada – Education and Higher Earnings
Service Canada – Skills Upgrade/Training


Change in Career

Today, it’s not uncommon to pursue more than one career in a lifetime. It’s never too late to explore new options.

FINANCIAL TIP: Changing careers requires a careful review of your insurance and pension plan. You may want to switch to an individual insurance plan, or you may be eligible for a retiring allowance if there is a severance package.

Useful Links

Canada Jobs Job Search
Service Canada –
Service Canada – Employment Insurance


Start a Company

From Tim Hortons to Trivial Pursuit, Canadians know how to innovate. Start a new business or take charge of an existing one, but be smart about the finances.

FINANCIAL TIP: When starting a company, you should protect your personal and family assets from creditors in the event of business failure.

Useful Links

Merger Network
Winnipeg World Trade Centre
Industry Canada
Entrepreneur Magazine
BDC – Starting a Business 


Business Succession

Get the most out of your business, whether you’re passing it down to your children or selling to the highest bidder in a hot market.

FINANCIAL TIP: It can take several years to optimize your tax position for exit from your business. Although you may not be ready to leave now, it’s important to set a plan in motion.

Useful Links

BDC – Succession Planning