When did you last pause to really think about where you see yourself and family in 3, 10 or 20 years? Using this tool kit invest the time now, your future will thank you for it.

Here’s how:

  1. Fill in the values worksheet to identify your top priorities
  2. Open the life visioning worksheet to build your vision
  3. Visit your home, lifestyle, family, career, retirement and global reach sections for information, tools and inspiration
  4. Contact us to meet with your advisor and discuss next steps

Your Family

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Aging Family Members

While it can be a sensitive subject to discuss, it is essential to plan for the changing needs of aging family members.

FINANCIAL TIP: There are several areas to consider, from health care to living wills, power of attorney to housing and home care needs. Work with your financial planner to address needs that are vital to your loved ones and you.

Useful Links

Public Health Agency of Canada – Seniors and Aging
Income Assistance for Seniors



Whether you are considering having children or helping them transition to independence, you can take steps today to enable their future success.

FINANCIAL TIP: Money isn’t everything, but the cost of raising one child to adulthood in Canada was estimated by at $253,856. A financial strategy can address the impacts and issues that arise.

Useful Links

Today’s Parent
Parents Canada
Adoption Council of Canada
Canada Adopts!
Service Canada – Having a Baby

Education Planning

With education costs on the rise, it’s never too early to look at saving for your children’s future.

FINANCIAL TIP 1: Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) need to be registered jointly between parents to avoid legal complications should something happen to one of them.

FINANCIAL TIP 2: The Alberta Centennial Education Savings Plan provides grant money for higher education. However, your children must also be enrolled in RESPs.

Useful Links

Study Canada – CEC Network
University of Manitoba
University of Winnipeg
Red River College
Brandon University
Scholarships Canada
FinAid – Student Guide to Financial Aid